A very special Christmas.

It was Christmas morning in our new house on Norwood. Standing at the top of the stairs in our red & white stripped pajamas we found the note attached to the end of a big red ribbon! At five, I could not read the note very well so my older sister took control and read it aloud to us all. " Follow Me " the note said! Slidding down the stairs, pulling the ribbon off the banister as I went, I made it faster than my sisters on foot. At the bottom of the stairs I skidded around the corner towards the Christmas tree with a pile of saddles, briddles and blankets underneath. Tied to the saddlehorn was the red ribbon and another note telling us to follow it again!

Running at this point, and so excited we couldn't contain ourselves, I reached the back door and pressed both hands and nose to the cold glass. I looked beyond to see a paint pony and her foal tied to one tree and a huge bay Thouroughbred gelding to another! Yes! There were horses in our backyard and I just knew that Santa brought them! Shoving the door open we piled out making such a commotion that the big bay set back on the rope with great nervousness. The paint mare calmly looked on at all the ruckus. I was certain the pony was mine as my sisters were far too big to ride her.

Oh I remember my father putting me on her boney back for the first time and knew I was home. No longer would I only have the banister to ride; I had a real horse in my backyard!

Aimee Whitley-George
Cedar Park, Tx

"The Night Before Christmas", by Clement C. Moore, read by Cora Mel Patten, 1914, from the Library of Congress National Jukebox

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