Charles Miceli

Some of our contributors to Story Chip found us through a program we conducted as part of the Osher Foundation's continuing education program, Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes. Charles Miceli began adding his stories to our archive as a result of the OLLI program at UCONN in Waterbury.


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A Vietnam Reflection

During my school years in Brooklyn, New York, my experience of other students broke down into three categories: friends, bullies, and other kids. At Saint Malachy grammar school, Eddie Coffee was one of the other kids. I remember Eddie as always smiling and having very dark, straight hair that...


Buying Eggs

The store we buy our eggs from is just over a mile from our house. We could easily take a leisurely walk there if we wanted, but we never have and I'm certain we never will. When I was growing up in Brooklyn in the 1950s, I walked to the A P several times a week and occasionally carried bags for...


The Blizzard of 69'

When people say that a couple’s marriage got off to a stormy start, they usually mean it figuratively. In my wife Judy’s and my case, the meaning was much more literal. We married in Brooklyn, New York on February 1, 1969 and honeymooned in the Poconos. We traveled by air between New York and...


What's In A Name?

Women love to feed priests so the food in the cafeteria of Holy Apostle College and Seminary in Cromwell, Connecticut was excellent. I also earned my Bachelor in Philosophy degree there. While eating at the dining hall one day, one of the priest/professors sat next to me. Being polite, I introduced...


The Night the Lights Went Out

1960s - The Night the City Went Black It was a mild evening for the ninth of November as I started my return trip from East New York to Queens. I had just finished the forty-five minute train ride from Thomas Edison High School in Jamaica. I wasn't thrilled at the prospect of leaving home again to...



Prejudice? What is prejudice? Even for such an emotionally charged word, I believe the answer is more complex then we may suppose. In 1973, I began my Connecticut public service career as a Correctional Supervisor at the Cheshire Reformatory, a secure institution for young men aged sixteen to...


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