Mozambique Peace Corps Volunteer


So the first few days have been the most insane, rigorous, exhausting days of my life. All I want to do is sleep and yet when I get the chance we only have around 6 hours to do so! 

I am here with 51 other education volunteers. We are all going to teach Math, Science, or English.

Yesterday was a blur…I'll skip over that because we were all forced to sit in a conference room straight off the 15+ hr flight and who knows what was said to us. However! Today was intense. We met with a CIA - special agent and were scared half to death by all her warnings. Fun fact for the day - There are 5 drug king pins in the world…and there is one right here that owns one of the shopping centers. We are not allowed to go anywhere near this, so don't you fret.
Also, there is little assault here. We were warned where to not walk but everywhere is safe in the daytime. As long as we do not walk outside at night, or at least do not walk alone at nighttime, there should be no problem with theft at all. Safety over.

If you don't already know, while I am in training, I will be living in a host family for the first 10 weeks. Fortunately, the peace corps goes in and basically upgrades their home before we are allowed to stay with them.

I will be getting my own room but I do have to be careful when I take showers. Apparently most people will be bathed by their host mom for the first few times because they think we do not know how to shower. How silly is that?!

BTW showers consist of a bucket with a cup in it so I can pour water over my head. I hope you all appreciate your showers for me. I will be getting a phone next week sometime! My access to internet will be extremely limited.

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