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A Stroke of the Clock

They lived in a dome. It was built as an experimental project of the University of Texas architecture department in a time when Buckminster Fuller's geodesic domes were all the rage and students could get involved in projects that taught things other than how to deal with bureaucrats and beg for grant money. It is not surprising that a structure...


An early summer night in Connecticut, 2012

Adams Supermarket, Watertown, CT Add a story; read a story; either way, you gather chips in the game of life. Last night my daughter and I were startled by a couple of kids darting through the dark of the parking lot as we made a quick trip to the supermarket. Other things, cars out of line, quiet store, just seemed awry. Suddenly, we realized we...


Autumn Recreation

Yes – I’m a thief! No, I’ve never been caught I must confess. It happened many years ago while I was in high school. It was a quiet autumn evening and our “group” (not gang) would get together looking for something to do. “I know where there is a great watermelon patch nearby and it would be easy to take a few.” spoke up one of the boys. Needless...


Charlie and Whitey, the Rooster

Charlie arrived home on a lovely late Summer Friday afternoon. There was a gentle breeze and it was not too hot. He decided it would be a perfect time for a pre-dinner nap in the hammock. It had been a long week and the kids would be arriving for the weekend early the next morning. The hammock was hung lower to the ground than most, providing easy...


Collecting the rent

Being a man of rather large and tall stature, I get called upon to help out from time to time. You know a lady needs something off the back of the top shelf or move pianos that sort of thing. Making the situation worse was the fact that I owned a pick up truck. But once I got a call from a friend, Phil who needed help collecting the rent. He told...


Dock Jumper Jack

A good friend of mine passed away last fall. A great fisherman. A fisherman of the first water. Loved it. All of it. The knots and line, thinking like fish..buying lures, boats, rod and reels equipment man. Truly had a great passion for fishing, Jack Rex loved catching fish. We had many adventures together some scary and most were Big FUN! My Dad...


Eggs and Puppy Love

Eggs and Puppy Love (in iambic pentameter) I approached the door of the grocery And took a bold step in to buy some eggs In my search for the eggs, I saw the girl Who could, if she wished, sweep me off my feet. The eggs were against the wall near the cheese, I placed three dozen in my cart with care. Then this red-haired girl was approaching me...


Jenny, The Mister & the Christmas Tree

Ca 1925 – or so. This is one of those well-worn, beloved family stories (all families have them) that is, with great relish, oft-repeated and never dulls – at least not to the family. It is however, the kind of a story that is incredibly boring to those outside the family, much as someone else’s home movies once were. But it is I who am writing...


Pocket Full of Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter Joker (audio file) All families have ways to lighten the load and brighten spirits. Seven small people will find ways to entertain themselves with practical jokes. It is a good thing that my parents had a sense of humor as they were frequently the target of these pranks. An audio story from the Three of Seven collection.


Snow Sledding

It was a snowy evening and Mom had gone to “Bank Night”. Once a week the local theater had a drawing – probably $25 to draw in local patrons. There was a call that “our gang” would get together for a sledding party at the country club. Iowa’s flat lands didn’t have many good hills, but the country club provided some nice slopes. I was supposed to...


The Porch

My Southern home had a covered porch around half of the house, starting at the front entrance all the way to the rear. A large area in the rear was enclosed with screens. A short set of stairs was around this area. Inside is a two seater wooden swing. A light bulb hanging from the ceiling gave a dim light over the whole porch. Scene I It was after...


Three of Seven

This picture was taken while I was number 3 of 5. Two brothers were still in the planning stages. The good news is that we have outgrown all of the clothes in the picture. These stories are about the mischief and memories that 9 people can create on their journey. The Thrift Shop Three is the theme here; three brothers, three sisters and I was the...


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