Ron Klinger

Ron is the "poster boy" for reluctant Story Chip contributors. He seems convinced that his stories will not be interesting or that he does not write well enough to have his ideas published. He has been persuaded to add some of his stories here, both as audio and as text. Leave comments on this page if you would like to hear the stories behind some of his sculpture.


Another Letter from Italy

We're off to Rome in the morning. Reflections on the past month. Nothing exceptional. It's raining again. The thunder has been rolling over the mountains, and soaking rain drifting across the valley below. At the old farm house across the way, the bedding that had been sunning at one of the second...


Letter from Italy

You'd love it here. The compound has been restored from an exceeding old stone farm house. It is situated high on a mountain side overlooking a valley defined by pastures and bordered by an ancient forest. Across the valley, and a bit below us, is a 16th century farm house with out buildings. Right...


Born to Climb

Chris Klinger is an avid rock climber and has worked with Outward Bound programs. Ron has also told the story of how he first realized that his son was seemingly born to climb, which was a part of the reason that a Thanksgiving trip would include camping and the opportunity to climb some rocks. Born...


Thanksgiving in Taos

Ron and Gay Klinger live in Cedar Park, Texas (a little north of Austin). Their son, Christopher, currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland. This version of one of their Thanksgiving memories was recorded just before sitting down to dinner on Thanksgiving Day, 2009. Flaming Thanksgiving Lee McGavin...


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