So Long Pete Seeger! It's Been Good To Know You!

I was thrilled to have been able to take my kids to see Pete Seeger play outdoors on the Esplanade in Battery Park City, NYC, a year or two before 9/11. The stage was set up at the North Harbor outside of the Winter Garden’s glass expanse and overlooking Seeger’s beloved Hudson River on a clear warm summer evening. Seeger’s voice was weaker than I remembered from his earlier days but his spirit was not. He still had the power to inspire by the conviction conveyed in his singing and playing. His grandson, Tao Rodríguez-Seeger, was playing with him and shored up the vocals. It was a rare treat to bask in the aura of this icon of music and passion.
We have lost a great treasure.

Goodbye Pete. It’s been great to know you!

Jean McGavin
Bethlehem, CT ©2014

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