Twenty-five Years In the Future

Twenty-five Years In the Future

By Charles Corden

The future is a massive tree that is born with the planting of a small seed in the present.

As the years race by for 25 years to the year 2038 one asks the question “What is our world going to look like?” Looking into the fortune teller’s glass, we can see that people are beginning to separate into a number of different classes. One group includes those individuals who spent their youth bent over in a chair, on a bench, or at a desk constantly moving their fingers at a blistering speed pushing buttons to call or text their friends. They usually practiced this skill in school, at work, at the dinner table, and even while driving. It is early in the evolutionary period but it is possible we are seeing a new human species beginning to appear. We have all noticed the hunched backed individuals gripping a device that is wired to the brain’s frontal lobe. Today, this connection is completed within days of a person’s birth and plans are currently under way to expand the number of connections that would allow not only for verbal communication but also for mental interaction. These individuals will then be truly connected to each other, individually and communally. They are known as ICONs or Individuals Connected on Networks.

Another group includes those men and women who attended the many public schools across the nation. It was shown at the time that American education was in a steep decline. What was being taught, the rights of the pupils, the role of the teachers and what had to be excluded from the educational experience of the child were the issues that, together, led to a dramatic decline in the student’s learning. These individuals are known as Public Individuals Searching Satisfactory Education Reforms or PISSERs. They can be recognized by their furtive actions on the sidewalks and in the malls of America. Because of their poor reading skills, the men and women spend an inordinate amount of time trying to read street signs, special sale posters, and newspapers. The newspapers, at one time written on the 6th grade level, now were written on the 1st grade level. (Ex. Car Crash Gives Mommy a Bump.) They also must use GPS devices to find their simplest destinations (i.e. home, job, doctors) because of the failure to master directional skills and the lack of any learning in logical thinking.

A third group included those men and women who graduated from private schools. In their minds, they were far superior in their learning and in their abilities than the PISSERs, although some could be categorized as ICONs. This privileged group is known as SUCKERs or Students Using Community Knowledge for Educational Reforms. Since these individuals received some of the best education available, they were easily admitted to one of the prestigious Ivy League universities. Upon graduation, they actively sought places to use their superior abilities, which meant, of course, Washington D.C. The SUCKERs literally poured into the nation’s capital as legislative aides, researchers, secretaries, and lobbyists. Most, if not all, were planning that within a few years they would be running for a seat in the House of Representatives or becoming involved in state politics. Then, of course, there were seats in the Senate, if they were lucky. Regardless, it was known that, despite the weak economy, this was the fastest road to wealth in the United States. But of course, with their education and abilities, this was their due.

In 2038, humans had reached the planet Mars and returned safely. There was a group of aspiring astronauts that answered the many calls for volunteers to travel to the Red Planet and start settlements. There would be separate settlements for the Americans, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Russians, and so forth. The American contingent was known as AIM or Americans Interested in Mars and plans were made to build a tall fence around the American settlement of Bradbury, the controversial choice to be the capital of Mars. The other nations had similar groups. On the other hand, there was an underground radical group, spread around the planet, called MARS or Martians Actively Refusing Silence. The fact that the “real” Martians died out over 15 million years ago, didn’t faze them.

There were many other groups and sub-groups in the United States: Too many to be listed here. Enough to say that if there was a group, large or small, that had particular interests, it would segregate itself, give itself a name, and seek governmental recognition as a minority group with protection under the umbrella of anti-discrimination statutes. Such was the United States of 2038. The rest of the world was not much better.

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