What Is A Snowbird?

There are many different species of birds – colorful and exciting to look at. Audubon, however, has never specifically identified a Snowbird.

Snowbirds come in all different sizes, shapes and skin colors. They are as varied as all the different types of people who inhabit the earth. When you see a group of people pick themselves up, and move from a cold climate to a warmer and more southern place in the winter months, they can be called Snowbirds. I can venture to say that most of us, at one time or another, have wished that we could “fly away from it all!”

I, myself, was an active Snowbird for about ten of the years that I lived in Heritage Village. I looked forward to spending the winter in Florida and then returning to Connecticut in the spring. I had lots of activities and friends in Florida and enjoyed my stay there every winter.

When I get up in the morning to these frigid temperatures, I look back longingly to those “Snowbird Years.” I would turn the clock back, if I could!

Constance Westreich
Southbury, CT ©2013

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