Add a story; read a story; either way, you gather chips in the game of life.

Last night my daughter and I were startled by a couple of kids darting through the dark of the parking lot as we made a quick trip to the supermarket. Then we saw two cars, the flashers were going and they were at odd angles to each other in the lot. Suddenly, we realized we had driven into a parking lot water balloon fight – 20 or so soaking wet, barefoot gladiators lobbing globes of water in a glee fest of summer anticipation. The store was closed and the entire staff, and then some were in the lot, soaked and joyous and playing. The temperature was hovering around 50 here in Connecticut. I suspect the revelers would not feel the temperature until they got in their cars and I suspect that they will remember that blissful, internet and technology free evening for years to come and will fondly recount the story to their grandchildren as an example of simple country life. I am telling all of you just in case some of our revelers keep the lovely memory too close to the vest.

Each chip in the game, or water balloon if you prefer, makes the stakes richer. Play the Story Chip game!

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