We have a friend whose father was on a U.S. Navy transport carrier delivering soldiers to the Normandy beaches on D-Day, 70 years ago, June 6, 1944. He never told his son much about it. His stories are lost. Was his lack of stories due to survivor guilt? How did it feel to push those soldiers out into the blood filled water to run into the German fire, and then turn the ship around and back to the safety of the British port? How did it feel to look into the faces of cold and seasick boys knowing that many of them would never get past the beach at Normandy and that he was leaving them to their fates? Did he have dear friends he said good bye to that day and never saw again? Did he put his boatload of soldiers into the water and then collapse in tears and rage and guilt or did he feel the pride of participating in what was the day that would finally turn the course of this terrible war? Our friend’s father is gone. His stories are lost. We will never know how he felt as he met frightened, righteous, determined, worried eyes of men facing their deaths. His stories would help us understand. His stories would add richness and truth to the history of D-Day. Most of those who survived D-Day are gone now. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of this heroic and massive effort, Story Chip invites soldiers, family, friends and civilians and soldiers on the ground in France that day to tell their stories. Tell us what it was like that day if you were huddling around the radio listening to reports, or in churches praying for deliverance and peace and the return of soldiers. Tell us what it was like to be a German citizen or soldier hearing this news or witnessing the events. Tell us what it was like if you were living in another part of the world hearing these events unfold. Help us tell the story of this harrowing day from every angle, from every point of view. Each of your stories adds another crucial piece of the mosaic of this story. Click here to add your story.

The National World War II Museum in New Orleans has preserved a significant collection of World War II stories and oral histories.

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