2013 World Series

2013 World Series

Playing in this series are two teams often called “The American Teams” - The St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox. These two teams were in the original 16 teams that comprised the two leagues. For decades, prior to the latter part of the twentieth century, all of thee 16 teams were located in the north east and north central. The growth, now 34 teams, followed the population growth in the south and far west.

In a past write-up entitled “My Idols” I told about being an avid Cardinals because as a farm lad I listened to the games being broadcast over KMOX, a powerful radio station in St. Louis. This was in the thirties and I recently read that by 1950 it was reaching all central states. In fact, this whole area became known as “A Cardinal Nation”.

As one of the original American League teams and winner of the first World Series in 1903, the Red Sox have never hurt for local fans. The explosion of the Sox as a regional power is traced to the 1960s.

Here is a quote in a recent newspaper:

“Red Sox-Cardinals: Whose Side Is America ON? In the battle for the hearts and minds of America in this year’s World Series, the Boston Red Sox own the coasts. The St. Louis Cardinals do well everywhere else.

To determine which parts of the country are rooting for Boston or St. Louis, Facebook did a state-by-state study, tabulating the likes that the Red Sox and Cardinals’ official team pages have in each state and normalizing the data to account for the Red Sox’s overall greater popularity. The states were then grouped into four categories: strongly for or leaning toward the Red Sox, and Strongly for or leaning toward the Cardinals. The categories were based on the normalized figures, not the raw numbers. The results were as of Oct. 15 [2013].

The findings almost look like an electoral-college map. Twenty of the 24 states that went for Mitt Romney in last year’s presidential election lean toward the Cardinals. The biggest exception: Texas, which leans toward the Red Sox.

California and Florida - despite their distance from Boston - both heavily prefer the Red Sox. These states are the only ones outside of each team’s geographic region that strongly favor either side. And New York State - of all places - is heavily for the Yankees’ arch rival.”

The Red Sox did it. They became the World Champions for the third time within the last decade.

David T. Daniel
Southbury, CT © 2013

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