Claire B. Lamb

I, Claire Elsie Behrens, entered this world at 12:30 a.m., Saturday, August 6, 1927 at Daisy Sayer’s Lying-In-Home at Mountain View Avenue, Pearl River, New York – the daughter of Elsie H. and Reginald J. Behrens.

The announcement of my birth was reported in our local weekly newspaper, the Pearl River Searchlight, by a family friend who was a reporter for the paper, with the headline “Reggie Can’t Stop Smiling”.

My childhood home in Pearl River was on S. Middletown Road, one of the two main thoroughfares between New York and New Jersey in those days and I grew up with loving parents and childhood friends some of whom I am still in contact.

After seven years we moved to the north end of town and a year and eight months later death took my father. Two years later my mother re-married and I had a very, very good stepfather who gave my mother and me a very loving and good home.

My education was entirely in one building of the Pearl River School District from kindergarten through senior high as we were a small town and only 800 students. My schooling started in February 1932 when I was four and a half and my mother entered me in kindergarten when I was four and a half and my mother entered me I kindergarten because my first friend and life-long friend was in kindergarten and because my first friend and life-long friend was in kindergarten and I wanted to be with Janet. However, I would not be six years old the following September so I had to repeat kindergarten. (My husband took great joy in saying – “he had the only wife who failed kindergarten”!

During my high school years in World War II, I was a volunteer airplane spotter for the Army and I was required to take a course in aircraft identification. However, no enemy planes ever flew over Rockland County nor lower New York, but it was a n interesting duty.

I graduated high school in June 1945 as a commercial student and worked for The Hanover Bank at 70 Broadway, New York City for seven years when I left to be married.

My husband, Lester E. Lamb, and I lived in Tenafly, New Jersey for 30 years. While a resident of Tenafly, I was active for five years as a driver for the Englewood Red Cross Motor Service and for 20 years a volunteer at Englewood Hospital and active in the hospital auxiliary as a Branch Chairman, membership Chairman and a Vice President of the Hospital Auxiliary Board.

In 1984 we downsized and moved to the new independent living village at the Wartburg Home in Mount Vernon, N.Y. where we resided for 18 years until my husband’s death. I continued there for six more years and after doing some traveling and with the urging of my travel friend, I moved here to Pomperaug Woods which I now consider my home of extended family and friends.

Claire B. Lamb
Southbury, CT ©2012


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