Jean Spining

Christmas Memory 1935

We were married in 1933 and living in Brooklyn, CT. Our first child arrived about one year later. My husband worked in Mousup, CT in a Sand and Gravel plant. Money was very tight.

I wasn’t looking forward to Christmas that year, since money was so tight, but under the Christmas tree that year was a large box with my name on it. My attitude towards Christmas changed and I was so excited to see what was in that “Big” box.

Christmas day finally came and with great anticipation I opened the box. I can only imagine what the look must have been on my face when I opened the box, because I immediately burst into tears when I saw what my husband had purchased for me — an electric heater!

My husband learned a very valuable lesson that year – appliances don’t make good gifts!

Jean Spining
Southbury, CT

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Jean Spining
Southbury, CT 06751

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