Medical Memories

Times certainly have changed! I remember when I was growing up, one doctor took care of most of the family’s medical needs. Our doctor was considered to be a family friend. He knew almost everything about everybody. When you went to the office of Dr. Spitz, you didn’t have to fill out a lot of forms. He always remembered when you had the chicken pox, measles, etc. Of course, there was no computer spitting out bits and pieces of information. I always got a hug and a lollypop when I went to the office! If you were too sick to go to see the doctor, he would come to see you – a treasured house-call! As usual, our family members would get sick at inconvenient times. But the doctor always came to our house with his black leather bag full of instruments and other medical necessities necessary to treat you. Dr. Spitz took care of everything – ear-aches, broken bones, nausea and coughs. You hardly ever were sent to see a medical specialist. The only thing I clearly remember is that Dr. Spitz did not take my tonsils out! That used to be a common operation. Not anymore!

I truly miss the old-fashioned family doctor! I have fond memories of talks filled with personal advice and common-sense remedies. We now live in a highly technical age – we have sacrificed many wonderful priceless intangible qualities of medical care.

The End
Connie Westreich
Souythbury, CT © 2014

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