Ruth Hartmann

My Father – His Life – 1885 – 1974

At the age of 16 months his left leg would not move – Poliomyelitis. What he did to help will surprise you!

At the age of three he was given a tennis racket. Later as he grew stronger he joined some friends and played at the net and did very well. He would hop on his good leg – with practice.

Grandmother had a camp built on a lake in New Jersey. Each summer he could swim, paddle a canoe or sail in one. Many times the sail tipped and he landed in the water. All this exercise was the best medicine he could have.

Dad went to Cornell and became an Engineer (water and sewerage).

He and his college friend designed water and sewerage plants.

Dad wrote many articles (papers) on water and received awards and an honorary PhD for all his work.

He lived to the age of 91.

I am so proud of him!!

Ruth Hartmann
Southbury, CT ©2012

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