The glorious days of summer with long warm days and cool nights, sweet song of birds and the hum of bees, the flower and vegetable gardens, going fishing or to the beach.

Other than spending the week with my cousin, one summer I spent a week on a friend’s farm during the haying season (or time) and had fun riding the hay wagon as the men pitched the hay mounds on to the wagon. In later years it was trips to Springfield, Mass. to spend birthdays and holidays with my dear friends. Yes, summer is full of wonderful memories.
For 19 years my husband and I spent vacation time on Martha’s Vineyard and that was most enjoyable. However, after retirement the days to travel were set aside.

Eight years ago I took my first trip outside the United States with the WQXR Radio Traveler – “From the Rheinland to Berlin” and it was wonderful. I did four more beautiful trips with WQXR – a French River Boat Cruise from Burgundy to Provence; to Salzburg and Vienna for Mozart’s 250th anniversary; to Lucerne, Switzerland for the Lucerne Music Festival and to St. Moritz and lastly, a beautiful cruise across the Mediterranean with music from Spain to Greece aboard the most elegant ship, the DEUTCHLAND, (Das Traum Schiff) – the Dream ship.

Summer – enjoy all its glories!

Claire B. Lamb
Southbury, CT ©2012

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