A Family Member in the Hospital

About a two years after my baby sister was born my mom came home from a annual check up with some scary news. She found out she had a lump in her neck that could possibly be thyroid cancer. It had to be one the most frightening moments of my life! My mind raced as I immediately jumped to the worst possible conclusion. My mom could die.

On the day of her surgery I rushed out of school and raced home. The coolness on my face calmed me down a bit, but as quickly as I needed to go it seemed like I couldn’t go fast enough and I couldn’t. I needed to see my mom and we needed to get to the hospital fast. On the way there we picked up pizza so the whole car smelled so good. It reminded me how hungry I was, and that I had been too worried to eat. We got to the hospital and walked in with the pizza. “She’s okay!” my dad told me, as he hugged me for comfort. But I didn’t feel like being happy old me. I was so worried that the butterflies in my stomach could have made me fly! I tried to walk, but it was so hard not to run. I had to keep myself under control.We entered into her room.The doctors told me that my mom was going to be alright! Lainey ( my sister) hugged my mom. She looked healthy but she didn’t sound so good. “ My throat feels sore! I’m not going to be able to eat!” she whispered as she looked at the pizza we were carrying. We sat down on my mom’s bed. The doctors had taken care of her! They had taken out the lump on her thyroid. The lump had some small spots of cancer on it that could have grown bigger and spread, but luckily the doctors found the lump and removed it while the cancer was still small.

I learned that the hospital will help my mom and I shouldn’t be afraid. I also learned that even if the hospital did make my mom better she still and to change her habits. Like every morning she has to take a pill before breakfast and wait an hour before eating. I am so happy my mom is alive and I don’t know what I’d do without her. She is my mom and I love her.

The end.

Kylie Mason

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