i remember when i was playing basketball

I remember when I was in 3rd grade I was at recess I was with my friend playing basketball I hear the whistle blow. I ran to my class line and I trip and I put my rist out and I land on my rist and all I can.Feel is ari in my face and my rist landing on harde and solid concrete floor.And pane when I fell my friends help me and tuck me to my teachers .Class and my teacher Sed what happened to Juan and my friends said he broke his rist and he gave me a nerse pass when I was walking. To the nurse my friends were by my side and walk me wen we got to the ners we gave the pass too the nurse and he told me to go lay doune wild he called my mom I told my moms phone number and when. My mom assured the call. He immediately came and pick me up and my friend and tuck me too the emergence room and the doctor told me 1 to 10 how much does it hurt I told him right now it is in a 5.When he took me to do ex rays and took pictures of my arm. The doctor gave me. A medicine and told me I am gonna git you a. cast for your arm and don't get the cast wet or your mom haft to pay for another one we got home my mom said I never had a sun that broke one of his arme before we got home. And I went to sleep for 2 hours and I went to the kitchen my mom said how are feeling. I said good and my mom gave me a home made pizza and water and the next day I went to school and i was at mi classroom and. My friends felt bad so people followed me around when I was in class the teacher sed had to write for me becuz I don't write for me left hand and 2 weeks later to the hospital and they put me another cast on my wrist and they told me to pick a culler and I picked blue and the doctor put the blue cast that I love so much that I got 2 munts me and my mom. Went back to the hospital and cut the cast and I here the razor but I that that I was gonna. Cut me and I was all good and they put a cast. that I can take of I was so happy my mom tuck me and my brother's and we were playing marco polo. I was so happy that day.

Now I look back and realize it all was relief but it was worth it

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