My New Dog Ryder!!!!

I heard moaning, and I could see tears running down people’s faces. I watch as my dog Ranger dies in his sleep. Have you ever felt anything like that? It feels like a hole has formed in your heart, but today is the day that I refill that hole.
Six months have passed since my dog Ranger died, but today I get to meet my new dog…! “Come on.” my mom yelled! It was time to go see him/her. The ride was very tense. My mom yelled “Ten minutes.” I knew that today I was going to refill the hole in my heart. “Were here!” I exclaimed. We got out and walked up to the door, and as I rang the doorbell I could hear a symphony of barks coming from the dogs inside.
Finally the last dog we were going to see was here. “Here he is.” the instructor said. This is Ryder. He was a white lab, had lots of fur, and looked exactly like Ranger. The first thing I noticed that he wags his tail as fast as cheetah could run. When he walked in the room I felt like I was at home and Ranger was just coming in from the backyard. Every time we would stand up he would rub up against our legs. The instructor taught us how to make him sit. If he didn’t do it when we said she told us to get up really close to him and he would sit every time. He was sweet with everyone and loved to play with the ball. He would chase it, and then lay down with it in his mouth as fast as he could. “This was the happiest I’ve been since Ranger died!” I thought! “It is time to take him outside.” the instructor stated. When we got up Ryder knew exactly what we were doing. He was jumping as high as a bunny. She gave us a leash, and we walked out the front door. It was so fun every turn Ryder would jump up and down in excitement. By the time we got back to the instructor’s house we all knew that he was the one. We didn’t say it but we all knew it. A week later we took Ryder home. “Welcome to the family Ryder!” we all said.
I learned that everything that ever happens that’s bad can always become something good if you believe it can. Although Ranger did die his cousin Ryder was born. I hope that Ryder can become our new Ranger. “Good luck” I told . him

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