A Relevant Story

Claire Fuller P3.

‘’Spend time with Delora!’’
exclaimed my mom. She was staying for two days.
However I should have known that two days wasn’t forever.

It wasn’t unusual to see her so I
Didn’t think that it was a big deal .My aunt
Delora likes to bake, in fact when there’s a
Party there is always some sort of treat .

On the last day I had with my
aunt, it was kind of wasted.We went
to go watch my sister’s tennis match.
When we finally got home they ate and I practiced
my drum. After she had to leave.

I decided that next time I have a chance to spend
time with someone, I going to do it. I’m really happy that now
I know that I need to spend time with them cause
I might never get that opportunity again.

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