The Day My Mom Died

Period 8 Johann Jew Personal Narrative
-When I was ten I thought I knew my family was invincible until i heard Knock Knock! Ring Ring! Then I knew something bad has happened.
-My dad started running as fast as a cheetah down the stairs and answered the door. I heard a very serious voice that answered “Do you know a girl named?”. I couldn't hear the last word the officer said.My dad answered the door in a scarce voice “Yes”. I wondered in my head “What happened?”.Suddenly, my dad started crying as my heart skipped a beat. I almost never heard my dad cry before. Then I knew something really bad has happened. I had so many things go through my mind like “Did someone died?” and “Who died?”. It either could be my mom or my grandma. I was really hoping it was neither. I wondered if I should text my mom but I told myself “not yet”. About 30 minutes later my step sister came up and told us to wait upstairs. I was starting to get scared. I just laid down and wondered “Who died”. That would not get out of my head. I heard someone coming up. It was my step sister again telling us to go down. It was a very scary moment. Then I came down and saw my dad and my step mom crying. Me and my little sister looked at each other. I looked at her eyes and saw that she was scared. I sat down on the couch and ask my dad “What happened”? He took a deep breath and said” This is the hardest thing I will ever tell you”. I started shaking. Then he said ”Your mom died in car accident last night. My mind went off and I started bursting in tears wondering “How am i going to live life without her? I started wondering why did it have to be her? She was the nicest thing on earth.
-Those are the words I will never forget. I learned to always expect something before it happens because life does the opposite.

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