The Wedding

“Ugh!” I cry out “I am never marrying a boy.”But that definitely changed, along with my life.

“Mommy! Why are you packing up all our clothes,my favorite shirt is in a suitcase!”I yell downstairs.”We are going to California!”my mom yelled back.I ran downstairs so fast you could barely see me.”Are we going to see Joe and Jessica?” I asked.Joe was just a little bit younger than me, even so we had been best friends since we were born.Then her dad got a job in California so they had to move,although we still get to see them once in awhile.”No” my mom answered, I was so disappointed that my mom almost gave me a piece of candy.”We are going to a wedding” my mom exclaimed.I started jumping up and down, this would be the first wedding I had ever been to.”Serina Chithi’s wedding”she said cheerfully,”Really?”I managed to say thinking she was tricking me.”Yes”my mom answered clearly annoyed that I didn’t believe her.

The first time I had ever seen Serina Chithi was when I was 4 or 5, I can’t even remember.

Obviously I was excited so I started to help my mom pack the suitcases,”When are we going to California”I asked thinking we were going during Christmas Break.”Next week” she answered “NEXT WEEK”I shriek. Next week was when the business fair was and I was really looking forward to sell all of the stuff my partner and I made.

We were just landing in California I was so excited.In the plane I had wondered constantly what a wedding would be like and what Serina Chithi’s wedding would be like. Apperently the bride couldn’t see the groom until the ceremony starts, it would be and Indian wedding.I started thinking that Serina Chithi did not think boys were gross like I did.But I rejected that thought and told myself, “Maybe THIS man was decent”

I nervously walked into Serina Chithi’s house and were greeted by Pouse Ma,1 of 8 of my grandma’s siblings,who was wiping her hand on a towel and 3 of my other grandma’s. Since I had nothing to do I pulled out a book called Revenge of the Flower Girls but before I could open it Serina Chithi and (what I think was the groom) walked in. Serina Chithi ran over to me and asked me so many questions you couldn’t even fit them in a hot air balloon.The groom walked up to me and surprisingly just started talking freely,”My name is Sever ,but you can call me Sever Chithapa.”Then he looked at my book and made a funny remark that made me laugh he said,”Oh no, I hope you don’t come and seek revenge on me for taking your Chithi.” that made me realize maybe boys are not that bad THIS guy DEFINITELY is not bad at all I knew at that moment that I would like him very much.

The past few days I had tried to help out as much as I possibly could.Then the wedding came!

I sat down by a few girls around my age and looked at the menu.”Mmmm”I thought rainbow carrots or biriany.I walked past the rainbow carrots, they diidnt look as good as I thought.Then right as I was about to sit down I heard a familiar voice”Caitie I thought you said you were going to sit with me and Kali Chithi.”Oh mo I had totally forgoten I said that so I walked with Serina Chithi to her table.Kali Chithi (My new friend) and I talked for a while while we ate.

As I was saying goodbye to Serina Chithi and Sever Chithapa I realized that they looked so happy and so mabye marrying might not be so bad.

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