When my brother went to college

Alyssa Nguyen period:5

‘’Bye Blake’’! I’m going to miss you so much,I said.That was when we had
to leave my brother at college.My family was driving home and there were only 4
people in the car,I felt funny and sad when I say 4 people in the family because I have
said 5 people in the family all my life.
I did not want to leave my brother,but he has to stay there for his career and education
Since now that my brother is miles away from me it feels funny and heartbreaking
For me.my brother is very very very special to me because on the second day
Of school when it was time to leave school Blake my big brother wanted to come
With my mom and pick me up from school and when I got in the car I saw blake
In my mom’s car.I was so surprised that he was in my mom’s car,and my mom Said
that Blake misses me,I said that i’ll miss him too once he goes to college.
One night when I was about to go to bed my mom wanted to show me
Something that she did,my mom took me into my brother’s room and
It was really great of what I saw.My mom made my brother’s room
Into a guest room I loved it.these last few weeks have been not
So great, but I know that my family can visit him on thanksgiving
Christmas etc.So now that I know that I can visit my brother in
Galveston,now I can always visit him.

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