Share the Responsibility!
Be an Active Story Chipper!


Story Chip runs on Wiki software similar to Wikipedia. Wiki software means that everyone who visits the site can contribute equally. All users are welcome to contribute new stories, images, mp3's and video's that tell the stories of our time. Everyone can add to existing pages. Every visitor shares the responsibility for the content of the website.

Share the Responsibility

The easy way to take part in the development of Story Chip is to visit the site, read the stories and share them with your friends. Sharing the content on Story Chip is easy because there is a web site, a blog, Twitter and Facebook to help keep in touch with additions and changes to Story Chip. You can even use your Facebook login name and password to login in to Story Chip.

Join Story Chip

Another easy way to share the responsibility is join Story Chip. Being a member of Story Chip has its advantages. Members can upload files and edit existing pages on the site. Members can receive notifications when their favorite parts of the site are expanded or changed. Members are assured that they will not have their information shared or their email accounts barraged with spam. Members have control over their interaction with the site. You can also be our friend on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Add Pages to Story Chip

The bug will get you eventually. You will be reading a story and you will remember a day that needs to be shared with the world. Adding your story is easy. If you want your effort to be carefully edited, write your story in a word processor. When you are happy with it, just copy and paste it into the Story Chip Editor. Simple. Here are the steps you encounter:

Click on the "Add a New Story" link on any page in story chip.
A new window will open that asks for a title for the new page.
Type in a page name and click “create page”.
A new window opens with the Story Chip editor waiting for your story.
Add your story and click “save”

Three clicks and a little typing is all that takes to create a new page on Story Chip. Three clicks to share a life time's memories.

Add to an Existing Page

Many of our pages are stories expressing one point of view about something that many of us have experienced. You can add your view of the same event or occasion with just two clicks of the mouse. At the bottom of each story page there is a link to “Add your story to this page”. Click the link to open the Story Chip Editor. Add your story and click “save”. Instead of a separate page, your story will be added to the page you were reading to provide another perspective. We invite different responses to the same event because we accept the reality that we do not all see things the same way and history needs to be seen through many sets of eyes.

Add Comments to Existing Pages

Sometimes, you may have only a few things to add to a page. Good, we have a comments section at the bottom each page as well. Yes, you can leave a pat on the back for the author or other comments. At the bottom of each story page, there is a version of the Story Chip Editor. Enter a title for your comment and start typing. Click “post it” to add your comment to the page. Story Chip will delete all off topic comments and bar abusers from the web site.

Add Graphics to a New or Existing Page

When you are logged in to Story Chip, either with your Story Chip membership or using your Facebook login, you will find links at the very bottom of the page (underneath the editor). Click on the “Files” link to begin the upload a file dialogue. Click “upload a file from your computer” then the “Select Files” link to open a window that will allow you to select the file on your computer that you want to upload. After selecting the file, click “Upload file” to make the file available to the wiki software. After the file has finished uploading, click “Edit” (just to the left of Files) to open the editor and place the file where you want it to appear on the page. There is a icon to launch a wizard to help place the image on the page.

Visit the Forums

Story Chip has a Forum for discussions that are not really stories. Post a collection of oral history interviews or other web sites of interest. Ask other members for help finding information or just comment on subjects raised in the Story Chip web site or blog. Just click the link found on each page to open the window for the forum to add a post.

Add a New Group to Story Chip

Story Chip invites families, groups and organizations of all kinds to add collections of stories. Please email the editors for help in setting up a collection of stories. We are delighted to help link our pages to yours and create special graphics for your section of Story Chip. This is a wonderful opportunity for class reunions, extended families or historical groups with collections that do not get the exposure they deserve.


There are many ways to be notified of activity at Story Chip. External notification can come from Twitter or Facebook. You can control how much information you receive from Story Chip the same way you do for all social media sources. When you are a member and add a page, you may want to know whenever someone edits, comments or adds to your page. You can turn notifications on or off for a page or for the whole web site. When notification is turned on, you will get an email for each time a page is changed.

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