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Pearl Harbor Remembered

A Sunday in December

As the curtain descends on Act One.
Bright lights illuminate the gloom in the auditorium.
My feet reach for the hard floor
and I leave the comfy, plush seat.
Into the winter’s bleak weak sunlit marble hall
I muse over my sister’s performance
As the lead in the high school play
(She’s only in her first year!)
The lace collar on my party dress tickles my neck
As I carefully examine my shiny, new Mary-Janes
For reprimanding scuffs.

The buzz about me becomes accented with
Discernable comments:

“…It’s in Hawaii…”
“…at 8am this morning…”
“…on a Sunday, too!…”

I hear my mother say
As she dabs her eyes with a hanky
I touch her hand
Feeling something has happened that’s
Beyond my childhood comprehension
She bends down to my size for a face-to-face hug.

“War! War!….Pearl Harbor attacked!”

Echoing in my ears as I think
What about my wonderful, big brothers and ….
How can such a beautiful name like ‘pearl’
Mean something so scary as war?

Lois Keating Learned
written about December 7, 1941
Southbury, CT 2011
Lois Keating is one of our Pomperaug Pioneers

Pomperaug Pioneers


Story Chip has added a collection of stories from our collaboration with the Pomperaug Woods Retirement Community's program to assist seniors in recording their memories and experiences. Visit the Story Chip page or Pomperaug Woods home page. Add your story while you are here.

Yorktown High School stories on Story Chip


We would like to welcome Arlington, Virginia's, Yorktown High School to Story Chip. Please visit the Yorktown page to add your memories of the people or events. Story Chip welcomes groups and organizations with an interest in sharing their stories. Send us an email to explore how we can add your voice to Story Chip.

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World Trade Center Ten Year Anniversary


This photograph was taken 3000 feet above the wreckage of the World Trade Center on September 23, 2001 by NOAA. The original is available in an interactive version from the Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division.

Visit our 911 pages to read stories of that day or add your story to the collection. There is also a new audio program produced by Texas students in September and October of 2001.

Every picture tells a story.

What are the stories of these photographs? It is fun to speculate, but we may never know. Story Chip is the link to pictures and stories, but only if you add your stories.

This is a very moving poem posted for Memorial Day. It is read by Garrison Keilor, during an episode of "A Prairie Home Companion" at Wolf Trap Farm Park, May 28, 2011. It is followed by a beautiful rendition by tenor, Paul Appleby, of Tom Waits', "Day After Tomorrow".

Memorial Day

This is a day to honor fallen heroes. You are invited to honor your loved one here with a story.

The War in the Air
GK talks about Howard Nemerov, recites "The War in the Air"

May 1 - 8 Holocaust Days of Remembrance


Never forget at Story Chip

Our elders hold precious libraries in their minds.


Save those libraries! Ask your elders to add their stories! Sisters Diddy and Jane Louise added some of theirs.

Erin Go Bragh!


Irish Water Spaniels all over the world (including my own sweet Mickey) are excited about St. Patrick's Day! Are you wearing the green? Are you eating a green bagel or drinking some nasty green beer? Are you marching in a parade? Get your Irish up, polish up the Blarney Stone, show your gift of gab and tell us a story!

Kirkland College


Kirkland College defied logic by starting a women's college when society and financial support were favoring coed institutions. It comes as no great surprise that it only lasted a decade, but what a decade! Story Chip and Kirkland alums have joined forces to collect the stories of students at Kirkland and Hamilton during the brief experience that was Kirkland.

Fireworks in July

July is a good month for fireworks as over 40 nations celebrate their founding, 30 in the first two weeks of the month. July begins with Canada Day before celebrations in the United States, Argentina, Venezuela and France. Add a story about your national celebration!

Calder Cup 2010


The Hershey Bears and the Texas Stars have been adding to the history of the Calder Cup. Share your memories of cup winning and losing teams.
The Calder Cup
Easter Epic 1987

Memorial Day 2010


The Library of Congress has a wonderful collection of the histories of veterans from many of the conflicts that have faced the United States. Visit the Veterans History Project as a part of your gateway to summer weekend.

A new year! A new decade! The fiftieth anniversary of the 60's!

In August of 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. and delivered a speech of hope and dreams. The view from those steps has changed very little. Add a couple hundred thousand people and add some leaves to the trees and this winter scene would be what Dr. King saw as he gave that speech.


While the view has not changed substantially, (several monuments have been added on the mall) the dreams of people on the mall are very different. Were you on the mall that day in August? Where were you and what were you doing? Contribute your story of the 60's to Story Chip so that those dreams remain a part of the picture.

The 60's began 50 years ago and ended with a man on the moon. Chronicle the history of our time by adding your 60's stories to Story Chip.

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