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Buzzing a Dose of Symmentropy

Consider life as a honey bee. While enjoying your morning buzz, you find that an orange tree burst into full blossom overnight. After a quick taste, you hurry back to the hive to share the news of this great treasure. Of course, you have no thumbs so writing a quick note, even if you could find a pencil, is quite impossible. You could take to a stump and deliver a great oration on the value of pollen to the hive, except that the shape of your mouth makes speaking or singing difficult. Your gifts are your legs, wings and wiggly abdomen with its potent stinger, so you take center hive in the honey comb and dance the message to the strains of the “Orange Blossom Special”.

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Artists should always think of themselves as cosmic instruments for storytelling.
Ted Lange

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McSorley's Old Ale House

Yesterday, March 18, 2014, the day after St. Patrick’s Day, and in honor of my Irish Water Spaniel, Mickey’s birthday, and in honor of Women's History Month, we visited McSorley’s Old Ale House on 7th Street in the East Village in New York City. McSorley’s is famously the oldest continually operating bar in New York City, having opened its swinging...

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From the editors:

A week of sporting events wrapped around a father's day included golf, soccer, basketball and hockey. Lots of stories everywhere you look. My grandfather was born in Canada and I live in Austin, so take a look at the end of the American Hockey League season.

Stick taps to the Texas Stars.

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Sunshine and Clouds - 10 Memorable Years

The decade of the [19]40’s was one of contrasts – laughter and sorrow – good and evil. It was a time, for me, of good movies, good music, fun in high school and college, but always present were the clouds of war and vivid in my memory is the Sunday when President Roosevelt announced that Pearl Harbor had been attacked. I was chattering on the phone to a school friend with the radio in the background. Suddenly the announcement came on and everything we had said seemed...


Stirring Up A Memory

The other day my cousin phoned and in conversation asked if I remember having a trench coat… and I did… it was beige and hers was rose. She always did like to be different… where I always followed the pack, but that conversation brought back so many memories. Picture this 1943: The most important clothes in my closet were plaid skirts, sweaters, blue jeans, a red and black wool jacket, the necessary bobby sox, and the above mentioned trench coat, with friends’ names, and...


Littleton, Colorado, High School Class of 1936

The graduation of 22 students was held in the high school auditorium in the evening so the parents could attend. Most fathers worked. We sat on folding chairs on the stage. We wore our best clothes – no caps and gowns. My mother made my new dress. The Depression was just about over. The stage was decorated with snowball and lilac blossoms. The high school orchestra played a selection or two. The superintendent said a prayer and made a speech. The high school principal...


The Personal Touch

Where has it gone? I miss it terribly! When I was growing up, there were no department stores. There were small stores along the nearby shopping avenue mixed in with various food stores. Jean’s Dress Store sold fancy dresses for all ages and all occasions. Next to it was another store that sold everyday clothing – for women, men and children. You could find jackets, shoes, slacks, dresses and shirts among the large inventory of clothing. Of course Woolworth’s was...


Lament For a Rose-Colored Trench Coat

The year: 1945 or so. The place: The Bronx, New York. A strange phenomenon was taking place. Throngs of otherwise quiet, well-behaved, obedient teenage girls were playing hooky from school and sneaking down to the City to spend saved-up allowances and baby-sitting money to go to movie theaters named The Paramount and The Capitol. The underlying reason for this errant behavior was a singer – a “crooner” in the parlance of the day – a skinny young fellow named Frank...


Movie Give-Away Nights

During the Depression Years of the 1930’s ordinary working-class folks (no matter the color of the collar) had very little left in the budget for discretionary spending – especially for entertainment. Therefore, movie theaters had to be creative marketers. So there came into being the weekly “Tuesday Give-Away Night”. Sets of encyclopedia – one volume per week (first volume A-C, etc.); or sets of dishes – one item per week per ticket (one dinner plate, one soup bowl,...


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