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The Fat Lady got High

In fact, she overdosed and is in a vegetative state. Please, for the good of everyone, please make no effort to revive her. She has been hanging around waiting for that super brownie that would take her to the high that could finally put the 1960’s behind us, just as Ken Kesey promised that her ultimate altered state was all that was needed to end that dreadful experience. Every disappointment of that decade of protest, uncompromising angry protest, dragged the election of 2016 down the drain that the reluctant fat lady had blocked like a hippie hair ball.

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“if not for oral history, my uncle would not have pursued the history that became the 'Roots' project.”
Alex Haley's neice

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Story Chip's archive welcomes the young writers from Running Brushy Middle School. In cooperation with the teachers and administration, we have visited their classes and discussed storytelling, stereotypes, copyright and being safe on the Internet.

We are quite proud of their work and welcome their additions to Story Chip.

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the worse un fon no fun day

“Mom are we there yet are we there yet”. I exclaimed I just want to get there already “okay okay” my mother acKnowledge then we pull up into west lake we were finally there and my grandma commented “yes finally i see my grand baby”. She was so happy that we did so much the first thing that we did was we went inside the house then we ate some lunch because I was really really hungry so then me and my mom and my dad and they were in the room “i have diabetes”.My grandma...


Moving To Texas

Moving to Texas By Nancy Have you ever moved? I did. I moved from California to Texas and it was the worst thing ever to happen to me. Why was it so terrible? I’ll start from the beginning. To start off with I used to live in Thousand Oaks California. One day at school my friend, Madison and I were sitting in the sandbox, under the play structure to avoid the 500 degree heat. “It’s so sad that you have to move.” Madison said. She had long brown hair. I said, “Yeah.”. I...


Dinner at Yumiko's

When I was an adjuster in the little town of Sarasota in the Fifties there were 2 exceptional orthopedic surgeons, Bob Greenwood and his partner, a Greek, Ilias Konstantinu. The 6 of us and our wives became good friends and Bob lived just down the beach from us in a lovely old house at the end of Crescent Beach which National Geographic chose as one of the 10 best beaches of the world at the time. Later it was spoiled by high-rise hotels and condos. Ilias' wife was...


Something Lost

-My Personal Narrative Have you ever had a pet that was your most prized possession? Knowing if they left you, your heart would break open. Also if anything happened you would feel like you were falling down a dark hole forever. Well that’s what happened to me. Her name was Angel. Everyone that met her thought she was so soft hearted, gentle, and friendly. Although she sometimes irritated me because he wanted to get petted. My family and friends always said she was cute...


Jane's (My Dogs) Death

Joe Pitchford.. It was a great day in the second grade until my teacher was holding the phone and said it’s for you,at that moment my heart sank. I remember, my dog Jane as a dark orange, and happy dog, and begged for food a lot, and she was my best friend. I remember when she used to chew my clothes my mom would get mad at her so would try to cover for her and said I chewed them. As, my dad explained she snapped her leg from bone cancer, rain started falling from my...


In an Instant By: Ani Roe

In an Instant ‘’ There was an accident last night’’ Dad tells me.Those words stuck in my head like glue.. My dad’s voice was trapped in my head playing over and over again, until I finally responded with tears rushing down my face. My cousin Tanley was one of the most important people in my life. We used to say that we adopted each other so we were sisters. She was beautiful, smart, funny, and kind (to me at least). She was the type of person that you could never forget....


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