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Meet the Little Kids: Sisters Diverging

This is the third in a series of posts that offer a caricature of the seven combatants that grew up on Peary Street. These brief sketches also point to the third guideline of symmentropy, the way people respond to what we say is rarely what we expect.

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“A people are as healthy and confident as the stories they tell themselves. Sick storytellers can make nations sick. Without stories we would go mad. Life would lose it’s moorings or orientation… Stories can conquer fear, you know. They can make the heart larger.”
Ben Okri

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Veterans Project

“I admit that it took me a long time to talk to my wife about my service years even though I served 25 years in both the Navy and the Air Force, Robert Burkman told me. He had enlisted in the Navy and served one tour. Then he joined the Air Force for one stint and after that he returned to the Navy until retiring in 1985. His service had begun when...

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From the editors:

Storytelling has been diminished by the loss of Jesse Winchester today. He appeared in the Story Chip blog almost 3 years ago.

For those who remember him fondly try this links, The Commercial Appeal in Memphis, NPR has a couple of podcasts from Music and World Cafe.

Now is a good time to add your story to the Story Chip Archive.

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Crazy to the Rescue

Did he see something pink down there? He was way, way back in the mountains. Where would something pink come from? He made his way down the rocky slope and over to the boulder, where the pink something was. As he rounded the boulder he saw the pink something was a blanket, it was spread out and two feet stuck out. She reclined against the large boulder, stretching and yawning. Are you alright? he asked. EEEEKKKK she screamed. What the hell lady, why you hollering? ...


The Storyteller Fire

WHO THE HELL, ARE YOU?,..AND WHY THE HELL ARE YOU WALKIN' UP ON OUR FIRE WITHOUT ASKIN' FIRST? We're sorry sir, is this the Storyteller's Fire? Yeah, AND May we join you? MAY? ..JOIN? .why ya'll talkin' so funny? ..ya'll ain't from round here, is ya'?. (Come on let's just go) (Wait a minute) We were sent to listen and learn by our English professor, and no sir, we are not from this area. Whadya' old bastards think ..come on in, why did your...


The Summer of Happiness

The two sat staring at one another in the holding cell, waiting to seen by the judge. The kid had broken a plate glass window of the store he was caught shoplifting from earlier that month, he was also charged with resisting arrest. The old man was there for being drunk and disorderly, again. As they sat staring at each other, the bailiff came in and told them they were up next. The old man thought it was strange them being lumped together. That just seemed ominous to...


Raising Boys vs. Girls

As the youngest of six children – four boys and two girls – I guess you’d say I’ve some experience in a ‘mixed’ family. Though my brothers were seven to fourteen years older than I, and were away at boarding school, college and World War II when I was young, I do remember some differences. My mother was the eldest of four – three girls and a boy, and my father, youngest of two sons, with an older and younger sister – I’m sure their upbringing was much like the way they...


The Lady of the House

This is the reason I believe in ghosts. I was living with, for a little while, a very nice lady on one of our local lakes. She warned me that sometimes the Lady Of The House stops by to check on her house, especially after some alteration had been done. I said fine and asked what she looked like, to which she replied, I would know her when she came by . Then she explained, she had been interviewed by the lady in order to purchase the house. I said I understood,...


story 1

I haven't been doing to well this last few months, so I'll try to write a little each day. Today, I, with Doc McGavin's help, I returned. So give me a few days and I should be up and running, so to speak. Thank you for allowing me to entertain you. Popi


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