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Lionel 681 Steam Turbine under the Christmas Tree

The sixth guideline from symmentropy states that we embellish our stories in many ways to make them have meaning for different audiences with different experiences.

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Artists should always think of themselves as cosmic instruments for storytelling.
Ted Lange

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Jim "Popi" Meadows

Andice General Store Andice, Texas My artist stopped in Andice, Texas (population 25) to have lunch at the Andice General Store but quickly found herself listening to the owner's stories. She left my card with the request that those stories be added to Story Chip. Not long after, I got a call from a gentle man who was too excited to leave...

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We recently learned about the musicians’ strike of the 1940s and asked our resident nonagenarians at Pomperaug Woods what they remember of the strike. Naturally they would know all about it. None of them remembered it or remembered that it had any effect on them. In looking back, it became clear how this strike changed music in the 20th century. We are looking for stories from our audience about the strike. What do you remember of the strike, or what do your parents or grandparents remember about the strike? Do you remember that 40s a cappella sound? Frank SInatra sings a classic example of that strike era with a chorus substituting for an orchestral back-up.

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Music And Memories

I love music - all kinds: early rock and roll of the 60s, classical music with thrilling symphonic melodies, standard ballads of the 40s and 50s, swing and big bands. Like most teen-agers, I loved listening to the music of the day and loved dancing to it too. I remember the days of proms and dates with a very handsome dancing partner who was especially skilled. He danced semi-professionally outside of school so I was lucky to be his girl-friend. One evening in the gym...


The Choo-Choo That Didn't Make It

On Labor Day weekend my son, Ken, and I flew to South Carolina to attend a memorial service for my sister, Ruth, who died in May 2014, at age 93. This took place in my small home town of Landrum. I have frequently written stories about this little town nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge chain, and bordering the North Carolina line and town of Tryon. Leaving the airport we took a back road which enters Town Center at the crossing of old Route #176 (Spartanburg to...



Recently I was asked how the musicians’ strike of the 1940s impacted the way I listened to music the rest of my life. My immediate reaction was “Huh? Say what?” My memory bank was devoid of any recollection of such an event. Googling explained my cognitive deficit. At the time the strike began in 1942, I was a dumb little 11-year-old. Although I loved music dearly, all I knew at that point was that it emanated from the radio, the juke-box, the pipe organ at Radio City...


Music In The 1940s

Feb.12, 2015 Any music/musicians’ strike in the 1940s is a mystery to me. My mother took me to many musical comedy shows during those years, starting with Oklahoma! As the eldest in her family, she had been required to sit in the family’s box at the opera on too many Saturday afternoons and consequently, was not very fond of opera, but she loved musical comedies and I became the beneficiary of this admiration. Mother was also a proficient pianist and enjoyed playing show...


The Ambulance Ride

“Jesus, it’s 6 a.m. and I’ve ambulance duty today! I better get showered, dressed and down to the station. I think I can grab some breakfast there. Suzy, the nurse on duty tonight, usually leaves some good muffins.” Tim muttered to himself as he struggled to get out of bed and perform his morning ablutions. He’d been retired for a year now and had volunteered to drive the ambulance for the small retirement community. After all, driving an ambulance wasn’t that much...


Two Turkey Dinners

When I was growing up we always had Thanksgiving with my grandparents who lived next door. It was the traditional kind with turkey dressing, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, etc. Then I went to college - Denver University. D.U. always had a traditional football game with the University of Colorado on Thanksgiving - no dinner. We probably had a turkey dinner another day. The first November after my husband and i were married my husband was at M.I.T. in Boston. We decided to...


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