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Lionel 681 Steam Turbine under the Christmas Tree

The sixth guideline from symmentropy states that we embellish our stories in many ways to make them have meaning for different audiences with different experiences.

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“if not for oral history, my uncle would not have pursued the history that became the 'Roots' project.”
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A Dog named "Lonesome"

FoldUnfold Table of Contents A Dog named Lonesome Puppy Tales A Dog named Lonesome By Dub Ramsel The year of 1936 was no different from 1935 as far as I could tell. People were going around with things to barter for groceries as well as dry goods. This was the year I met Elzy Estes. Elzy had married my cousin Effie Cleveland. Effie was...

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Valentine's Day is approaching! Everybody has a love story - good or bad. Write it up, it's easy! Then add it to these pages. Become a part of history!

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Martin and Malcolm and W.E.B.

Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. by Jeremiah Jarvis W.E.B. Du Bois said, way back in 1900, “The problem of the 20th century is the problem of the color line.” We seem to have carried that one over into the 21st. In the middle of the 20th century Martin Luther King, Jr. stepped up to do what he could about that nasty problem. Good-hearted people on either side of the “color line” worked together to get rid of it. But it lingers on, faded and broken, yet still able to...


NSA and Orson Wells

Me and the National Security Agency and, what the hell, Orson Welles The National Security Agency has taken some recent hits, so I might as well shove a pie in their face while they’re staggering around. My brush with the erstwhile electronic spy organization was with the Army Security Agency. Each branch of the military had its own tentacle of the NSA from 1945 until they were disbanded in 1976. The ASA was in full bloom 50 years ago when I bumbled into it, fresh out of...


Potato Gun

One summer when my son was about 14, he had a couple of friends staying with us from overseas - Jason from Hong Kong and Basile from Paris. I was trying very hard to be welcoming and engaging - game, if you will - as these young boys were so far from home. So, when the boys came charging into the kitchen and Nathaniel says to me, “MOM! We have to go to Home Depot right now!”, trying to be game, the only impediment I present is, “OK, but what do you need from Home Depot?”...


Pearl Harbor!

On Sunday, December 7th, 1941, I was walking with a friend on East 17th Street in Brooklyn, NY, when a neighbor sitting on his stoop, intently listening to his portable radio shouted, “Pearl Harbor has been bombed!” That’s how I first heard the news that the Japanese had attacked our naval base in Hawaii and that a large part of our fleet had been damaged or sunk! We sat on the stoop with him as the news reports continued to come in, fragment upon fragment, and we knew,...


Just Another Day

In September the air in New York City was fresh on this particular day in 2001. It was sunny and I wished I didn’t have to stay inside, down in a dark and damp cellar, filling half-pint jars with cucumbers and other vegetables for the Historical Association’s annual pickle festival. As it was our second largest money-maker (after the antiques show) it was important for us to raise as much cash as possible. Our expenses weren’t great — our two houses (built in 1660 and...


Let An Old Headline Trigger Your Memory

At Pomperaug Woods, the writers are given topics for their writing. These are given as suggestion only and often are used as springboards to other topics. Topic: Let an Old Headline Trigger Your Memory I know you expected me to bring in an “old headline”. However, since I had these Littleton Independent pages, I thought you might be interested. There are many “old headlines” to trigger my memories - not just “headlines” but town news, town names and town activities — my...


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