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Reunions are Important if you have Memories

I am stunned. I never thought I would live long enough to see this day. When I left high school, I was on the wrong side of every statistical indicator. I still believe that pretzels and porter are basic food groups that are enhanced by a dark cigar. Kale is a weed that can be controlled if sprayed regularly. A checkup is something I do for my computer. None the less, in the same year that my oldest grandson graduates from high school, I received an invitation to the 50th reunion of my graduating class. It just never occurred to me that I would live this long.

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"The first law of story-telling. Every man is bound to leave a story better than he found it."
Mrs. Humphrey Ward

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Life In Ancient Times

Some 20 or so years ago when my grandson was in elementary school, they had Grandparents Day. We were all supposed to talk about what life was like going to school when we were young. The discussions went beyond just attending school but included life as it was in “ancient history” times. One of the things the youngsters could not fathom was the...

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Holocaust Remembrance Day

January 27th is Holocaust Remembrance Day. Share your story or a story of your loved ones. Help us keep these stories a vital piece of history.

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How "The War" Affected Our Family

There were always two brass shells from World War I that decorated our dining room buffet. These were brought from France by my father as a souvenir from my father’s service in World War I. I went into nurses training hoping to join the Navy on completion. I still remember spending a day with friends in Chicago when we heard the announcement of the attack on Pearl Harbor. We couldn’t believe it!! Another memorable day was the day I graduated from nurses training on V.J....


A Special Friend

My childhood summers were spent in a magical place on Long Island called Westhampton. The beach was the principle attraction and swimming in the Atlantic Ocean ran a close second. Our summer home was about 6 miles away and I easily traveled this distance on a bicycle twice a day, plus a little farther to visit with my friends. Among this group was a special friend, Tibby. Her younger sister couldn’t pronounce her given name, Elizabeth, and called her Tibby. From then on...


Professors Who Influenced My Life

Prior to World War II, I attended a small Methodist college which was largely liberal arts. This college had a mandatory ROTC from which I was called into active service in November 1942. For the next 3 years I was in the military (note that I have written several Story Chips about these experiences). Many friends in service were college boys who mostly were in schools of business. I decided to give this a trial upon discharge. The discharge came in November 1945 and I...


Favorite Foods Of Younger Days

I guess I was a little different as far as my favorite foods and treats went as a child. My mother had studied dietetics and was also an excellent cook so my favorite dishes were some of her specials like lamb croquettes and apple tapioca. I also loved a bowl of spinach topped with hard boiled egg. My grandmother who lived with us, had a stomach problem and we used to order acidophilus from the milkman. It was expensive and came as a very smooth cultured buttermilk. I...


Smells That Evoke Memories

As we approached our house for lunch — we could smell the aroma of fresh baked bread and cinnamon rolls!! Mom had baked again — what a lovely smell!! We would immediately start eating those delicious rolls with butter. “You can’t just eat bread — you need a balanced diet!” our mother announced! Her words were lost — how could anyone not just eat bread when it smelled so wonderful? I know this is my favorite smell!!! *** We didn’t have a dryer so all laundry was done in...


Andy Morrison in Arlington, VA, 1967

Andy Morrison in Arlington, VA, 1967 I lived in Arlington, VA in the Summer of 1967, having just graduated from High School. I was dating a Navy Brat girl at the time. My girlfriend's younger brother was hanging out with a guy named Andy Morrison, also a navy brat. The first time that Light My Fire played on the radio while Andy and I were in the same place, Andy proudly stated that that's my brother singing; he lives in California . My reaction was that Andy might...


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