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Buzzing a Dose of Symmentropy

Consider life as a honey bee. While enjoying your morning buzz, you find that an orange tree burst into full blossom overnight. After a quick taste, you hurry back to the hive to share the news of this great treasure. Of course, you have no thumbs so writing a quick note, even if you could find a pencil, is quite impossible. You could take to a stump and deliver a great oration on the value of pollen to the hive, except that the shape of your mouth makes speaking or singing difficult. Your gifts are your legs, wings and wiggly abdomen with its potent stinger, so you take center hive in the honey comb and dance the message to the strains of the “Orange Blossom Special”.

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“When you start about family, about lineage and ancestry, you are talking about every person on earth.”
Alex Haley

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School's Out, Circa 1930's

If you’re looking to read tales of exciting adventures, travels to exotic lands, expeditions to unexplored locations… you’ll not find them here. There was no Auntie Mame in my life to whisk me off for a summer of soaking up the culture of Paris and Rome, or bumping along atop a camel among the pyramids of Egypt. My summers were spent with our...

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From the editors:

A week of sporting events wrapped around a father's day included golf, soccer, basketball and hockey. Lots of stories everywhere you look. My grandfather was born in Canada and I live in Austin, so take a look at the end of the American Hockey League season.

Stick taps to the Texas Stars.

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Gift for a B.A.

Gift for a B.A. Back in the late 1950’s, when I was just out of college, I attended a large wedding for one of my cousins. While waiting on a long reception line after the ceremony, I began a conversation with a middle-aged lady wearing a black lace dress, which ended in mid-calf. A small white collar and cuffs relieved the starkness of her attire, as did a string of pearls. She had matching pearl earrings clipped to her ears and a veiled, black pill-box hat rested...


School - Grandparents Day

Some years ago when a grandson was in grammar school, the class had Grandparents Day. Grandparents were supposed to describe the many ways in which classes differed from the present. (Or not quite the present. The class was about 20 years ago.) Probably the best part of the day was when the students asked questions. They couldn’t believe our answers. Here are a few samples. Did you have air conditioning in the class rooms? Sure we did. We opened the windows. Well, did...


My High School Days

After 7 years of elementary school I entered high school in September 1939 and graduated in May 1941. At that time, South Carolina only required 4 years or a total of eleven years for all public schooling. My small town had a population of less than one thousand, with the high school enrollment of approximately 80 pupils. My graduating class had 16 students. In the south during the Depression, the agriculture environment was paramount. This contrasts to today where less...


Littleton, Colorado Schools

1926 - 1936 Grade school in Littleton was a two story brick building with grades one through six - grades one through three on the first floor and grades four through six on the second floor - no elevator, only stairs. The boys’ playground and entrance was on the front of the building. The girls’ playground and entrance were behind the building. Both playgrounds had swings and teeter totters. The boys had rings where they could hang by their knees - the envy of the...


Embarrassed In France

In 1985 my wife, Elmira, and son, Ken, and wife, Gina, traveled through France for 10 days. This was my treat since this young couple had been married for a short time. Elmira and I were visiting friends in Germany where Ken and Gina met us by way of England. Leaving Cologne by train, we arrived in Paris where we rented a car. Holding Paris to explore later, we left for the countryside. First there was Giverny with the beautiful flowers and of course the land of Monet....


Movie Star Club 1927

Who Was Renee Adoree? Renee Adoree? Who ever heard of Renee Adoree? I was Renee Adoree in our Movie Star Club! When eight of my friends and I - 9 years old - decided to form a club, we all chose a star's name - Billie Dove, Anita Page, Mary Pickford, etc. I must have had the last choice - to be Renee Adoree. We dressed in fancy clothes and very high heels. I was lucky - I had a college friend who gave me high heels that fit me. I don't know what our meetings were. I know...


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