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Lionel 681 Steam Turbine under the Christmas Tree

The sixth guideline from symmentropy states that we embellish our stories in many ways to make them have meaning for different audiences with different experiences.

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To be a person is to have a story to tell.
Isak Dinesen

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Military Service Goose Bay, Labrador

Lou Kugell is the husband of friend of mine. Still I was a little weary about asking him if I could interview him for the OLLI Veterans Project. He readily agreed and told me he served in the USAF from 1959 to 1962 and he was last stationed at Goose Bay, Labrador working as a mechanic. “When I took the placement test, it showed I had good...

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Story Chips are stories that added to other story chips provide us with a BIG STORY. Lots of little stories together tell a larger story. You can think about it like a mosaic with lots of little chips of color that arranged together make a large picture. Or, you can imagine a page of musical notes that all together show us the melody. Think of your own story chips as a few of those notes of music and how incomplete that song will be without your notes. See? Your stories, big or small, are really important. Add a story today.

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My Father

We always had a nice car. My father kept it very clean, putting on seat covers when it was new. The oil was always changed on time. He wanted me to learn to drive so handed me the keys after a few days of practice and told me to drive up and down the driveway until I was ready to take the driver’s test. When I passed my test at age 13, he taught me how to change a tire and to read a map. I think he was a frustrated doctor. He always took care of our scrapes and bumps. He...


The Amazing Writer

The recent press has been raving about a new book which will hit the bookstores in days. Early copies have been sent to literary groups for their review. The word is “Smash Hit”. The book in question is entitled To Set A Watchman. The author is Harper Lee who is 89 years of age. Here is the story. In the latter 1950’s a young lady by the name of Harper Lee was living in a small town in Alabama. She was witnessing the racial unrest which brought about the civil liberty...


The Most Peculiar Disappearance of Ed Larson

There are stray people who, much like a stray dog, will quietly wander into your life, stay for a while, and then without warning, quietly leave. Ed Larson was just such a stray person. He was newly arrived from Sweden; all alone with neither family nor friends; no place to live; no means of support. So when Charlie met him — naturally — of course — there would be no question about it — Ed Larson, poor lonely fellow, should be brought home to live with us. And so he was,...


Moon Landing

I think the event which most impressed me as an adult in a positive way, was the first man landing on the moon. I remember standing at the window that night staring at that great white orb so many millions of miles away, and being astonished that a mere mortal would have the audacity, as well as the ability, to venture there - I still feel that way. I would have been terrified - especially to think I might not get back to earth, but would remain out in space until I died...


A New Life -- After The War

It was 1944. My high school boy friend went off to be part of the occupation in Hokaido, an island off the coast of Japan. Our carefree days in Sarasota, Florida were over, the war news had matured everyone. Our suffering during the war was mostly worry about our men overseas. Many women were “holding down the fort” and also working in factory jobs; of course there was some rationing. I remember that awful white margarine that required an addition of yellow food coloring...


Radio Cake - High School Memories of Sarasota, Florida in the Early 40s

Our world was holding its breath in 1940. We were recuperating from the effects of the Depression and now we were hoping the rumblings of war would only be as distant thunder on a summer day. It was a golden bit of time in southwest Florida. Life was slow and peaceful. There were no malls, no brightly lit strips, no urban sprawl. There was, in Sarasota, the area called “Five Points”, the hub of the small town where people shopped and enjoyed the movie theatre with its...


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