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Lionel 681 Steam Turbine under the Christmas Tree

The sixth guideline from symmentropy states that we embellish our stories in many ways to make them have meaning for different audiences with different experiences.

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The story - from Rumplestiltskin to War and Peace - is one of the basic tools invented by the human mind, for the purpose of gaining understanding. There have been great societies that did not use the wheel, but there have been no societies that did not tell stories.
Ursula K. LeGuin

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The Right Hands

INT. AIRFORCE ONE PRESIDENT Okay, give the short version. Short and sweet.. ADVISOR They got very drunk and started betting heavy. PRESIDENT Where are we going and how the hell did it get this far? ADVISOR We're headed to Oklahoma to see the Chief and do some damage control. The Senators got very angry and they continued to gamble and thought that...

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From the editors:

Connie Westreich

Connie wrote a good number of interesting and lovely stories for Story Chip. She wrote of her parents coming to the U.S. as young people from small Russian villages. She wrote of her teaching career. She wrote of her life as a young girl. She shared the tiny details of life that we treasure at Story Chip - those little details that are not in history books, but saved here as precious insights into our collective culture. Connie had been struggling lately and I learned today that Connie passed from this life December 17, 2014. I enjoyed knowing her, listening to her read her stories and honored to have these same stories posted on Story Chip. I will miss her tremendously and I know that her neighbors and friends at Pomperaug Woods where she lived will also miss her joyful and generous spirit.

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The Ambulance Ride

“Jesus, it’s 6 a.m. and I’ve ambulance duty today! I better get showered, dressed and down to the station. I think I can grab some breakfast there. Suzy, the nurse on duty tonight, usually leaves some good muffins.” Tim muttered to himself as he struggled to get out of bed and perform his morning ablutions. He’d been retired for a year now and had volunteered to drive the ambulance for the small retirement community. After all, driving an ambulance wasn’t that much...


Two Turkey Dinners

When I was growing up we always had Thanksgiving with my grandparents who lived next door. It was the traditional kind with turkey dressing, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, etc. Then I went to college - Denver University. D.U. always had a traditional football game with the University of Colorado on Thanksgiving - no dinner. We probably had a turkey dinner another day. The first November after my husband and i were married my husband was at M.I.T. in Boston. We decided to...


Thanksgiving - Christmas 1944

70 Years Ago I have written extensively on my combat experience in this period. There are a few items that are unclear, plus a few that haven’t been mentioned before. After five months of consistent fighting, we came upon Thanksgiving. At this point we had not had a break since September. For over two months we had not eaten a hot meal. On this day trucks rolled up to the front and, a squad at a time, took us to the rear for a hot turkey dinner. What a treat!! Three...


Books - My First Love

Oh, that wonderful Christmas when I made it known that I only wanted books! They were my first love, my best friends - no other gift would do. My mother had decreed that there was no Santa Claus. She wanted me to appreciate the things that were given to me and the persons who gave them. Therefore, I didn’t have to depend on a nebulous fantasy figure. I could use my wiles on flesh and blood relatives. The day came and with it a lovely pile of books greeted me; different...


Dating In The 1940s

We used to date some but most of all we had a group. I guess you’d call it a ‘gang” now. It was a mixture of boys and girls and we had wonderful times together form going to dances to stealing watermelons. One of the boys had access to a Model A Ford. We decided to drive to Des Moines (40 miles) to hear and dance to Glenn Miller at one of the Big Ballrooms. First it was decided to drive to Des Moines to Riverview – a large amusement park. For the afternoon. We enjoyed...


Dating 1930s

Dating In 1936, when I was young and foolish at 17, I got pneumonia, and as it was before the days of the so called “wonder drugs” I was quite sick – I should have been very upset as this happened just before Xmas vacation – but actually I was delighted. My Mother had decreed that I could not go out on single dates until I was 18 – we lived in the big city – I was embarrassed to admit this so I was happy to have the excuse of being sick! Now I am embarrassed to admit...


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