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Lionel 681 Steam Turbine under the Christmas Tree

The sixth guideline from symmentropy states that we embellish our stories in many ways to make them have meaning for different audiences with different experiences.

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“I could not stop talking because now I had started my story, it wanted to be finished. We cannot choose where to start and stop. Our stories are the tellers of us. ”
Chris Cleave

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9/11/2001 Glynnis Eldridge

Glynnis Eldridge “This will be our response to violence: to make music more intensely more beautifully more devotedly than ever before. —Leonard Bernstein I sat speechless in the empty classroom, listening to the blasting talk radio. Out the window millions of army vehicles sped downtown on the barren FDR drive. Countless amounts of bewildered...

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Story Chips are stories that added to other story chips provide us with a BIG STORY. Lots of little stories together tell a larger story. You can think about it like a mosaic with lots of little chips of color that arranged together make a large picture. Or, you can imagine a page of musical notes that all together show us the melody. Think of your own story chips as a few of those notes of music and how incomplete that song will be without your notes. See? Your stories, big or small, are really important. Add a story today.

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A Thanksgiving Prayer

One Thanksgiving a person in casual conversation told me he did not know what to be thankful for, and after long contemplation this is what I had to say. I can think of seven things to thank the Lord for if it will help. Thank you Lord for taking care of all of my personal needs and teaching how to take care of myself.Thank you for the food I eat and the things I drink, without them I would starve. Thank you for the vegetation, and the rain and the sun that ripens it....


A story, an article, and a sentence...

I am a writer, and I love good light heart warming stories and I just learned in my own path of life that a good sentence ends with a good lift of light and I just want to share this with my fellow writers!!


Haircuts and Hair Styles

Our father was the barber when we were young. We (the three of us) looked alike with the “Buster Brown” bangs and short hair. Mom would wash our hair with rain water collected in the large rain barrel. She said the rainwater was “soft” and made our hair shiny. I do remember going to the barber shop with my dad when he would get a personal shave with hot towels and just his nose sticking out. It was a privilege just to watch. And the barber was friendly! When I was in Jr....


Hair Care in the Nineteen Thirties

When I was a young child living in New York and Westchester County my mother would take me in to New York City to Best Co. on Fifth Ave. Our destination was the “Lilliputian Bazaar”, a department for children with clothing and a barber shop. I still remember my mother telling the barber that, “my daughter has painfully straight hair” and indeed it was straight and was cut in the short bob with bangs so frequently worn by little girls in the 20s and 30s. I always got a...


Royals Versus Mets 2015

…. watching the world series. First game. I know, it’s crazy. I never watch sports. But I love the World Series. I just do. No, I haven’t watched a game all year. No, I have no idea who any of these players are. No, I don’t really care about either team - Mets and Royals, eh. Living in New York City for so many years I did sort of like it when the Yankees were in the Series but I really wish the Nationals were playing just cause I miss the days of my hometown team, the...


Hair and Sibling Rivalry

You’d never know it today, but I was born with tight curly hair, and it stayed with me for many years. I rarely set it or put it up and after a swim I could just dry it and it looked fine! My poor older sister had straight mousy-brown locks which she struggled with all her life, having perms and sleeping on bobby pins every night. She was very jealous of my blonde curls to say the least. Nor did I blame her. She also hated cold weather and eventually moved to Florida...


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